Tips by Letting Agents in Brighton for Quick and Efficient Rentals

What do letting agents in Brighton recommend for any landlord wanting a quick and efficient rental? There are a few recommendations on ways to get the most out of a property viewing that will lead to a faster rental.

These include:

Property Management Services

The right property management service will take care of your rental to ensure that all of the proper repairs and maintenance are carried out on your behalf.

Clean the Rental

Statistics show that a clean and tidy rental will be rented much faster than a property that is unkempt. Start at one end of the property and begin cleaning (interior and exterior). Tenants want to be able to picture themselves in your space. If there is too much of you involved, the tenant will not be able to picture themselves letting the property.

This means:

  • Remove all papers and bills from sight.
  • Remove family pictures.
  • Keep the space furnished, but neat.

You don’t have to remove décor or do anything drastic. Just imagine the space from a potential tenant’s perspective. If the rooms are tidy and clean, it will shorten the letting process greatly.

Make Proper Repairs

Even the smallest repairs will need to be made to boost your chance of a successful letting process. This means:

  • All lights must work.
  • Light switches must be intact.
  • Holes should be fixed.

All major repairs need to be handled first. If a roof is leaking or a pipe is broken, fix it immediately. A dripping sink or running toilet should be fixed. If the paint is old and shows, this can also turn potential tenants off. A fresh coat of interior paint will increase the speed at which your property is let.

Remove Your Odour

Odours are left behind by every person. These odours may not be what another person wants to smell when they walk into a potential home to let. This means:

  • Cleaning up after animals (especially cats).
  • Removing cigarette smells.

Ventilating the room can be as simple as opening a window and letting in some fresh air. An air freshener can also be used. This will help keep the space smelling great and tenants interested at the same time.

Never underestimate the small things that you can do to make your property more appealing.

Letting agents in Brighton also recommend accentuating the good aspects of the property to make them sand out. This means that you may need to rearrange flowers next to a new appliance or use lighting to accentuate a fireplace.

It’s all about making your home’s strong points shine.

Faster Renting Through Proper Processing

Once all of the aesthetics are complete, it’s time to examine your letting process. There are always a few process changes that can be implemented that will make the process faster and more efficient. These include:

  • Marketing: The best marketing methods need to be implemented to get potential tenants to view the property. A letting agent is the best choice for marketing purposes.
  • References: Do your potential tenants like to throw parties all night? You need to know if your tenants are trustworthy, and the best way to know this is through the use of references.
  • Regular Inspections: Once a property is let, you will want to conduct regular inspections. This doesn’t need to be done monthly, but you will want to do this every 3 months at a minimum. Discuss this with tenants prior to letting the property so that they know your terms.
  • Credit control: Unless you want to spend time running after tenants who don’t pay their rent, it’s recommended that you have credit control measures in place. These controls will allow you to have less of a risk of non-paying tenants. The right property management services should take care of credit control on your behalf.

Letting agents are meant to make your life as a landlord easier. The right letting agent will be forthright with you on what you need to do to ensure that a property is let as fast as possible. Many of the changes we recommended can be implemented quickly and easily, such as cleaning up the space and ensuring that all necessary repairs are made before a property is viewed.

The rest of the fine details can be handled by a reputable letting agency.