Student Accommodation Tips in Brighton

Brighton is where a lot of students choose to go to university. The University of Brighton has over 21,000 students alone making it the perfect location for landlords to let properties. For student accommodation Brighton has housing opportunities around every corner, but the right accommodation depends on the student’s needs.

Packing your life into a suitcase, or two, is a scary thought.

Knowing what accommodations are available will allow you to save a lot of stress and time looking for the right property. Many universities offer student accommodation on campus, which is a smart idea for anyone new to the Brighton area. However, there are plenty of options for anyone that doesn’t want to live on campus.

Shared Apartments and Flatshares

The rent in the area of the city you want to live should be considered. Many areas have higher rents that may not be affordable for the average student. However, there are a few options to consider:

  • Flatshares
  • Shared apartments
  • Shared houses

Many students want to have the real experience of living on their own when they go to university. This means that they will need to find living accommodations that allow for more freedom than campus accommodations.

Sharing a place with a friend or with other students is a great idea.

Flatshares, apartment shares, and shared houses are all great options. These will allow you to expand your options when looking for a place to live and will often come at a cost that is less than having your own accommodation.

A letting agent in Brighton will be able to help you find student accommodations in the area.

There are many other ways that you can search for an accommodation that will fit your needs. This includes:

  • Facebook groups
  • Online forums
  • Classified ads

Tax Considerations

Local tax laws should be considered. As a student in Brighton, you will not have to pay council tax on a rental property. This is a law that covers the entire United Kingdom, so if you live outside of Brighton, you will also be covered under the law.

One thing that students don’t realise is that anyone who is not a student and is living in the same apartment or flat will have to pay this tax. Flatshare prices may include this tax built-in, so make sure that you’re not paying a tax without knowing it.

Most of the time, students will live with students so that they never need to worry about council tax.

As a student, you will need to pay local and state taxes. This should be included in your monthly rent budget.

Ask About the Bills

Before you decide to sign a rental agreement, it’s very important to ask about the bills. While some utilities may come with the rent, there are some that may not be included. The worst thing students can do is go over their budget and have to stress about paying rent that they thought would be much lower.

A few bills that may not be included are:

  • Heating
  • Water
  • Broadband
  • Phone
  • Electric

Ask the landlord prior to signing a lease just how much these bills average every month. In many cases, some of these bills will be included.

Always Use Google Streetview

One great thing about Google is that they allow you to see where you will be living even if you can’t view the location in person. Someone living in London who wants a student accommodation in Brighton can simply use Streetview to view the neighborhood.

This lets you know a little more about the area and if it’s worth going to Brighton to view the property.

Renting Help

There are a lot of services offered to students that will make finding the right property easier. These services include:

  • Student Services Office: Your University may have a student’s service office that will help you find the right accommodations to fit your needs. These services may be able to help you find a property to let or even a rental agency to work with.
  • Rental Agencies: The easiest route is to choose a rental agency to help with your letting needs. These agencies may charge a fee, but they will help you find the perfect accommodation within your budget.

Just remember: Brighton is a beautiful place to live, but finding the right accommodation takes time and patience.