How To Know If He Is The One For You To Call Boyfriend

Dont get too frustrated asking yourself, Is he the one? Follow these simple guidelines to figure out once and for all if he is the one for you.

Does he care about me?

When asking yourself, is he the guy for me?, the single most important factor that you need to look out for is whether or not he cares about you. What are some of the factors that indicate he cares about you?

->He walks you home to make sure that you get there safely.

->He checks up on you when you are sick. Check this tutorial out by datingsidor.

->He helps out with tasks that you find difficult (eg. heavy lifting, fixing things around the house, etc.)

->He doesn’t let his friends talk crap about you.
These are just 4 examples of things that that guys can do to show that they truly care about you. Just remember that there are many more examples of caring things that guys will do for you if they really do care about you. But its not just doing these caring things that make a man the one.

Is he attractive

Going out with a caring man is great but only if he is also attractive. There are so many guys out there who will bend over backwards for you and do whatever you ask. The only problem with this is that these guys just aren’t attractive. Its like they aren’t even real men.

So you have to ask yourself, Am I attracted to this guy? Does he do things that make me hot and bothered or is he more like a dead fish? Will he flirt with me and have fun or will he just roll over like a dog? Its really important that you find a guy who is attractive and caring, because a guy who is just caring and does your every wish is plain boring.

Does he bring you into his life

Or does he keep you separate from it? Guys who are truly in love with you will want you to be apart of their lives. They’ll want to show you all the cool things they do, they’ll want their friends to meet you and they’ll want to show you off whenever they can.

Guys who aren’t crazy in love with you will try and keep you from being a serious part of their lives. They wont want you to meet their friends and families and they wont want to show you off.

Remember that there are three main things that you need to ask yourself when deciding is he the one. They are:

Does he care about me?

Is he attractive – Am I attracted to this guy?

Does he bring you into his life?

If you can answer yes to all these questions then you can be pretty confident that he is the one for you.

Just one last thing. Remember that he is probably wondering the same thing about you, is she the one?