Cultural Festivals

There are several bizarre festivals that fall under the category of cultural festivals. One perfect example of a bizarre cultural festival is the Monkey Buffet in Thailand during which Macaca Monkeys or Macaques are served more than 2000 kilograms of different fruity treats. Then there is the La Tomatina in Spain where tons of tomatoes are tugged on the street.

Sports Festivals

There are also some big surprises in the category of sports festivals and these include the bottomless boat competitions in water-free regatta at Henley-on-Todd in Australia; the dirty mud dancing at Boreyeong Mud Fest and the racing dromedaries Down Under at Camel Cup. There are some of the most bizarre and quirkiest madcap celebrations across the world that could actually fill books and therefore the most popular categories have been detailed here.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are popular throughout the world with DJs and bands playing the favorite music of the people amidst explosions of sound and light on massive stages. There are no basic themes for such festivals and they are arranged and conducted at almost any venue.


There are different varieties of modern festivals celebrated throughout the world. Therefore, if you are on the lookout of attending festivals then you must make a good choice that suits your taste.