Freaked Recipes - Halloween Treats

Creepy and unusual recipes to make for your next festival

Festivals are always fun to plan especially if they come with an unusual theme. Every theme has its motifs and inspiration that reflects in the choice of decoration, music, and even food. If you’re planning your next festival, but you’re stuck with ideas, here are some creepy and unusual recipes you can try out.Freaked Recipes - Halloween Treats

#Vampire Bites

Who doesn’t want to see some blood dripping from the cake? If you’re into creepy, you can’t miss the vampire bites, cupcakes inspired by Freaked Recipes – Halloween Treats. They are easy to make, and the funniest part is when you present them to your guests.

#Owl Cookies

Owls are unusual animals – they seem like friendly creatures, but you never know if they’ll turn into something monstrous or not. Having an owl inspired cookies on your festival will certainly raise some attention with your visitors.


The essential feature of every Halloween inspired festival is monsters themed cookies, cupcakes or cakes. Although they are known for their strength and the amount of fear they install into their prey, no one can deny a cute chocolate werewolf on a plate. Isn’t it creepy to see a werewolf smiling?

#Clown Cake

Clowns are known to be scary, and a lot of credit for that goes to the horror movies featuring clowns. Unlike the ones you can see on a kids birthday party or in the circus, the creepy and evil clowns are the crucial feature in every themed festival. Make a clown inspired cake or cupcakes and watched how your guests enjoy the eerie deserts.

#Ghost Cupcakes

No, we’re not talking about cute, friendly ghosts from cartoons. The ghosts we’re talking about are spooky and unusual. You can quickly make some ghost inspired cupcakes with the help of frosting or marshmallow.


Another thing you can’t pass when having a Halloween inspired festival is Frankenstein. The creature from the old Mary Shelly novel can look astonishingly creepy on a cupcake or a cake. Choosing the right ingredients and colors will make the effect more profound.

#Spooky Spiders

Freaked Recipes - Halloween TreatsEveryone has a thing with spiders: either they’re too gross or too frightening to be close to them. But what will happen when you see one on your plate? Relax, they are probably just cupcakes or cookies inspired by spiders. Although they look realistic thanks to the chocolate sprinkles used to decorate them, you can always choose something else to represent the spider motif. A spider web on a cake is also an effective way to make a spooky desert for a festival.


Mini graves can look creepy on a cake, and Halloween traits lovers know that. Using gray to make tombstones can look eeiry. Experiment with some humor on the stones – give your guests the reason to talk about your special treats for the rest of the festival.