The best Irish festivals to attend every year

Ireland is one of most beautiful places to visit in the Europe. It’s a combination of several traditions where people from all walks of life are living. In the beginning, it was considered to be a part of the United Kingdom but due to some major problems with the European Union, they decided to become a separate country. Thus, they separated from the European Union about 4-5 years ago.

People from different civilizations have gathered here to build a civilized nation. Festivals like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween are celebrated in this country like all the other countries of the world but they have their own festivals as well that are particularly attached to this specific nation. If you’re willing to visit Ireland on your next vacation, there are some festivals that you must attend during this visit.

A visit to these festivals will help you take a deeper look at Irish culture. There are only a few major cities in this beautiful country. Dublin is the capital of Ireland where most of the major festivals in Ireland are held. During these festivals, Dublin is crowded with a huge number of visitors and sometimes it gets difficult to find a parking place during these festivals.

Consider visiting Irish fancy dress store If you want to attend any of these festivals and don’t have any idea of what kind of dress will suit you the best. Here you’ll find a wide range of dresses that are suitable for a particular festival. Let’s take a look at some annual festivals of the Ireland that you must attend if you’re going to Ireland.

BD Festival

BD festival is formerly known as the Barn Dance. All the pubs and clubs are locked up for the day on Good Friday. So, there is nothing best other than raving down in Glendalough on Good Friday. There are several kinds of artistic works displayed in this festival. Different in-house acts are also performed in this festival. You’ll also find a touch of art installations, artisan food stalls, comedy and theatre here.

People from all around the country come to attend this festival as it allows them to have some entertainment and get in touch with those who share the same taste. You’ll get the chance to take a deeper look at Irish traditions and you’ll also get the chance to make new friends here.

Puck Fair

Can you name a single country or territory where the goat is crowned as a king? There is no such country but in county Kerry, Killgorin you’ll be able to see a goat crowned as a king on the puck fair festival. This festival takes place on August 10th, 11th, and 12th of each year. The reason behind this respect is that they say that their local town was saved from pillaging with help of a puck (or male goat).

A herd of goats was grazing on the mountainside when raiders took over the local villages. All the goats ran to a local village and warned the local residents about the arrival of raiders.

Freaked Recipes - Halloween Treats

Creepy and unusual recipes to make for your next festival

Festivals are always fun to plan especially if they come with an unusual theme. Every theme has its motifs and inspiration that reflects in the choice of decoration, music, and even food. If you’re planning your next festival, but you’re stuck with ideas, here are some creepy and unusual recipes you can try out.Freaked Recipes - Halloween Treats

#Vampire Bites

Who doesn’t want to see some blood dripping from the cake? If you’re into creepy, you can’t miss the vampire bites, cupcakes inspired by Freaked Recipes – Halloween Treats. They are easy to make, and the funniest part is when you present them to your guests.

#Owl Cookies

Owls are unusual animals – they seem like friendly creatures, but you never know if they’ll turn into something monstrous or not. Having an owl inspired cookies on your festival will certainly raise some attention with your visitors.


The essential feature of every Halloween inspired festival is monsters themed cookies, cupcakes or cakes. Although they are known for their strength and the amount of fear they install into their prey, no one can deny a cute chocolate werewolf on a plate. Isn’t it creepy to see a werewolf smiling?

#Clown Cake

Clowns are known to be scary, and a lot of credit for that goes to the horror movies featuring clowns. Unlike the ones you can see on a kids birthday party or in the circus, the creepy and evil clowns are the crucial feature in every themed festival. Make a clown inspired cake or cupcakes and watched how your guests enjoy the eerie deserts.

#Ghost Cupcakes

No, we’re not talking about cute, friendly ghosts from cartoons. The ghosts we’re talking about are spooky and unusual. You can quickly make some ghost inspired cupcakes with the help of frosting or marshmallow.


Another thing you can’t pass when having a Halloween inspired festival is Frankenstein. The creature from the old Mary Shelly novel can look astonishingly creepy on a cupcake or a cake. Choosing the right ingredients and colors will make the effect more profound.

#Spooky Spiders

Freaked Recipes - Halloween TreatsEveryone has a thing with spiders: either they’re too gross or too frightening to be close to them. But what will happen when you see one on your plate? Relax, they are probably just cupcakes or cookies inspired by spiders. Although they look realistic thanks to the chocolate sprinkles used to decorate them, you can always choose something else to represent the spider motif. A spider web on a cake is also an effective way to make a spooky desert for a festival.


Mini graves can look creepy on a cake, and Halloween traits lovers know that. Using gray to make tombstones can look eeiry. Experiment with some humor on the stones – give your guests the reason to talk about your special treats for the rest of the festival.

Top list of services to hire for every festival

Every event comes up with great responsibility and for the organizer, it’s kind of a challenge to keep the audience satisfied with the arrangements. It’s a duty of the organizer to think from the audience perspective that what they need in the festival?

If you are a person who is about to arrange some event but you don’t have any idea about what kind of services you should hire for the event, then here is a complete guide that’ll help you find a solution to this problem. You need to hire following services for every festival.


Security services should be your priority. If a festival is going to be crowded and it’s a most anticipated time of the year, then first thing which should be arranged is security teams who can look after the crowd and ensure the safety of the event.

At the time of welcoming the guests or during the event, security forces are going to keep an eye on people and in case of any suspicious activity, they can take immediate action. Security services are also important to control the crowd in any situation.


When people will come to the event and enjoy with their families, then, of course after some time they will start looking for some bar where they can have their favorite drinks. Bar services are one of the important factors in any event that you can’t ignore.

You need to hire bar services in which you should take care of the people’s choices so after wandering around in the event they can have something to drink to refresh themselves again and enjoy the event with friends and family.


If it’s going to be crowded, then you can’t entertain the audience without music. Music is one of the best things in the events and festivals which is suitable for everyone. From child to an old person everyone enjoys the music in the festival.

You can go for the different bands that can perform on the hit tracks and let your audience lost in the rhythm. You can also go for the singers who are looking for the chance to have some platform in order to show their talent.


Food stalls will help you make an event successful. If you are not hiring food stalls to serve people food during the event or where people can go to eat during the festival, then people are not going to stay longer.

You should go for the good brands who can offer them food at competitive prices and you can go for the new chefs as well who want to have their stall in the event.

Parasailing in Hawaii

7 Reasons to Try Parasailing in Hawaii

No matter what your age is but parasailing in Hawaii is something that everyone wants to try and the breeze of Hawaii is enough to leave magical effects on you. You can enjoy parasailing with your friends and family to enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Parasailing in Hawaii

Today we are telling you 7 reasons why you should try parasailing in Hawaii and what you will experience there when you will attempt it. The sweet sea breeze of the place will force you to stay there. If you are all set to fly to the Hawaii then try parasailing for the following reasons.


At the time of attempting parasailing, you can explore the location of the Hawaii. You can see different things and you will be happy to see the locations when you are in action.

All you need to do is to attempt the parasailing and you can see the mesmerizing location of the place. You are definitely going to love the experience.


This is the golden chance to explore the marine life without risking your life. You can see different fishes and sea life from the distance and you are definitely going to enjoy the place.

If you are an animal lover then you should go for the parasailing because you can experience a lot in just one ride which is a perfect opportunity for you.


Parasailing in Hawaii

If you are the one who is afraid of water and flying in the air, this is the chance to get rid of your fear and challenge it. You will love this adventure and you will be proud of yourself after getting rid of the things you are afraid of. Go for it and try to go through the things which are stopping you.


If you want to witness the beauty of the Hawaii while feeling yourself like flying then go for parasailing. This is the beautiful escape you can ask for from all the worries and exhaustion of the city. You witness the beauty of the city from another end.


With your parasailing, you can also witness the activities of other people. The people who are also trying something else and trying to attempt something new to create memories. You can see people performing different adventurous activities like hiking etc.


Parasailing in Hawaii

This is an adventurous tour for you and for your family and if you want to create the memories out of it then you should go for it. Your family will be thankful to you for trying something new and for trying something out of the box for the first time.



At the time of attempting it, make sure that someone in your family is taking photographs of you or making videos. If you don’t want to lose the memories then go for the adventure which can change your life and you can begin once again with the fresh mind and soul.

Do you believe in having a soulmate?

Soulmates or “twin flames” are the most mysterious phenomenon in a human life. Often times we think that having a soulmate refers to our love life only. But the truth is, a soulmate can be anyone with whom we experience a deeply emotional, spiritual, mental and physical connection.

How can I find out who my twin flame is

twin flames soul mates

People often think that soulmate is someone who fits you perfectly. But many spiritualists, psychics, and coaches will disagree with that. A soulmate or a twin flame is someone who is mirroring us. Someone who can challenge us to become the best version of ourselves.

In the spiritual world, soulmates lived united, but when they come to the physical realm they get separated. However, their souls remain connected, which allows them to meet again. They have an important mission that needs to fulfill together. That’s why they are mutually connected on a much deeper level than other people.

Is a twin flame someone I’m in love with

A twin flame is not just your romantic partner. A twin flame can be your best friend, a co-worker, a mentor, a parent. Any two souls that have a profound understanding of each other, on their needs and wants can consider themselves twin flames. Find out more at this twinflame stages information page.

When you get around your twin flame, you will intuitively know that someone important has entered your life. Most people who found their twin flames reported that they knew it was a person they were looking for their whole life. They felt strange in their presence – as they knew them before. Something “clicked” when their eyes met, but they can’t describe what it was.

Will I meet my twin flame

twinflame stages information

No one knew that a person they just met was their twin flame until afterward. The feelings that surrounded both of them could not be explained in words. Yes, they felt strange but excited at the same time. They knew something big was happening – and they were a part of it.

If you think that there is a “step-by-step” guide on how to find a twin flame – you’re wrong. There’s no secret formula that can help you with that. The best thing is to open up your heart and soul towards the universe. Be positive and prepared to receive the gift of love and life.

Another thing that will help you to find your twin flame is – personal development. You have to heal your mind, body, and spirit in order to attract your twin flame and reunite again. Think about yourself, and your mission on this planet. What do you want to do with your life? How do you want to help people? What is your purpose? You may not find the answers yet, but you will start an extensive process of self-discovery. And it will help you to find out who your soulmate is – because once you find out who you are and what makes you tick, it would be easier to find out who is your soulmate.

twin flames stages

What will happen when I find my soulmate

When you find a twin flame, you might not end up happy. There are some stages that every soulmate couple will face in their reunion phase. It all starts with the yearning to find your soulmate. And when you successfully attract her into your life, your fairy tale can begin.

But, there were be tensions and charged emotions, regardless of the fact that you found your soulmate. Eventually, one of the two might decide to leave, which is called a “runner-and-chaser” phase. It means that one soulmate chooses to run from the other, because of their personal fears, issues or insufficient understanding of their needs. On the other hand, a chaser will feel lost and frustrated because a runner left, and this may go on for years or even decades. You don’t know when you will find him/her again – and that’s the most frustrating thing you feel.

After you reunite again, you will begin to surrender to each other. It is a slow and emotionally intense process, but it’s one step closer to a total union of the souls.

Different Types Of Festivals Throughout The World

The term “festival” has been derived from the Middle English word “fest” which further comes from the Middle French word “festivus”. The word “festivus” was adopted from Latin. The word “festival” was first used as a noun in the year 1589 and before that, it was used in the form of an adjective. It meant celebrating a religious or church holiday. There are different varieties of festivals celebrated throughout the world for meeting the specific requirements of specific groups, countries and communities. Festivals are a way of entertainment and they are also one of the best means of taking a break from the regular everyday life. Nevertheless, there are even ethnic and cultural festivals celebrated for educating people about different pastimes and traditions.

Different Varieties of Modern Festivals

Festivals have a direct connection to the human religious past. However, the modern festivals are found based on common interest rather than any spiritual glory. The different varieties of modern festivals include:

  • Beer Fest
  • Arts Festival
  • Film Fest
  • Comedy Fest
  • Music Fest
  • Literary Fest
  • Food Fest
  • Wine Fest
  • Science Fest

Choosing the Best in Modern Festivals

Considering the world population constantly on the rise, it does not come as a surprise that there are thousands of exclusive celebrations across the world. However, there is only one lifetime for an individual making it very difficult for people to choose the modern festivals that they must attend and the ones that are not worth it. It is always good to start with the basics first. The different categories of festivals tend to overlap especially due to the fact that performing arts, dance and music have an important role to play ion most festivals. This also goes for eating and drinking. Here, we will be exploring some important categories of modern festivals.

Top Music Festivals around the World

Music festivals take the world by storm and the city host millions of visitors each year and the fans come from different parts of the world to see their favorite music stars.

Hundreds of music festivals are held each year but here are just a few that host the big names artists and are considered to be the biggest music festivals in the world today.


One of the biggest music festival held in California, USA from 14th April till the 23rd April (weekends). More than 99,000 people attend the festival (1 week) and are dressed to impress the tradition of Coachella by wearing notable flowers crown. Many celebrities and other musicians come to enjoy the festival.


This musical festival is the biggest in the world for electrical dance and has been getting bigger and bigger. Hundreds of DJ’s storm the stage and big names are more likely to be on the list. The festival is held in Belgium from July 21-30, 2017.


One of the most recognized music festivals that are held in Serbia from 6th July till the 9th of July, 2017 is organized every year since 2000 and many artists featuring electric, hip.hop, and rock take part. Many big names from the music industry take part in this musical festival.  There’s lots of variety at this one, whether you want to see a Luke Bryan concert, or are a diehard Rihanna fan, there’s plenty of variety to go around.

Splendor in the Grass

This famous summer music festival is held in Byron Bay Australia and showcases the rock, hip/hop, alternative genres and electronic music stars. This music festival begins on July 21st and continues till the 23rd and many big names take the stage to give their best performance.

Fuji Rock

The biggest outdoor event in Japan is the most recognized and the largest music festival to be held in any Asian country and Japan is the only place where this festival is held from 28th July till 30th July at the base of Mount Fuji, Japan. Rock and electronic music stars from Japan and many European and American countries take part in the festival.

Choose the Music Festival Right for You

All over the world there are amazing music concerts going off every month.  Regardless of your taste, there are truly amazing experiences just waiting for you!  All you have to do is pick the one that’s right for you and book the dang tickets!  The last thing you want to do is look back 20 years from now and wish you had done something cool like taking a road trip to Tomorrowland.

SXSW – Texas Best Festival is in Austin

6th Street craziness at night.
SXSW (South by Southwest) Music Conference, Film and Interactive Festival takes over the city of Austin. Our most important annual event. Bringing in close to $200 million to our economy.

Any description will be woefully wanting. You can’t explain in words what it is like. There are over 2,000 acts performing on 104 stages at participating venues all over Austin representing every kind of music from 49 different countries.

Plus 270 films being screened from 67 countries at theaters throughout Austin and over 24,000 Interactive Conference participants from 72 countries.

Austin Convention Center front entrance.
Conferences, seminars and trade shows during the day. Music at night. Grueling and brutal. Too much to do. Not enough time. People every where.

SXSW will soon become so large it will consume itself. They’ve even published a First-timers Guide to the SXSW Experience to help sort through the madness.

I urge you to stay at a downtown hotel for the conference. And make your plans well in advance. Their web site walks you through the registration process and offers discounted hotel rates at selected locations. Sign up online to get advance notice of availability and a lot of other useful info including online registration ( And check out the First-timers Guide.

You can expect badge fees to range from several hundred dollars to over $1,000 depending on badge type chosen and when you purchase it. Register early and save. Spend it on a room upgrade or scour the Austin music stores for a great deal.

Lou Reed was the keynote speaker for the Music Conference in 2008. My, this festival has come a long long way from the early days at the old Austin Opera House.


Auditorium Shores Stage.
South By Southwest, Austin Chronicle, Austin City Limits, PBS Concert Series and the ACL Festival leave no doubt Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. These are the folks responsible for making Austin the World’s #1 Music Destination and South By Southwest is the most influential in the world.

Media moguls, reporters, artists, celebrities, agents, record execs, distributors share the same space. Right next to your space. Every kind of animal imaginable prowls this festival. Making big deals, signing bands or just watching the amazing performances.

In the early ’90s I saw a showcase at the Austin Opera House that included Lucky 7, Del Lords, Marcia Ball, Steve Earle and Los Lobos.

Everyone that is and will ever be has played at this festival. The list of talent is too long to list. As diverse as the Buzzcocks to Donovan. Rickie Lee Jones to Public Enemy.

Many live music Austin clubs are not host venues but offer their own showcases. Every Texas music fan is in town and it’s a party that lasts for days.

My favorite host venues include;

Antone’s – Always top level showcases, good service and great sound system. Get there early and stay for the entire show.

Continental Club – Best roots music played here. Live music Austin style. Oh if these walls could talk.

Elephant Room – You will hear the best jazz has to to offer.

Austin Music Hall – Ballroom size, real big. Talent is eclectic and exceptional.  Rentals Available At Sarah Williams Realty Austin

For more about Austin live music click here for my club reviews.

Here’s a word to the wise from a veteran of South By Southwest. Several days of eating, drinking and nonstop partying can take a significant amount of energy to survive. If you try to see five different bands in five different venues every night you won’t survive and will be disappointed.

Once a venue is full they do not let anymore people in – period.

Here’s my advice for a great experience.

Reserve a room at the Austin Motel on South Congress. It’s got drive-up parking and is cheap compared to many downtown hotels. You may have to reserve from Thursday until Sunday but it affords you a great location to enjoy the festival. Across the street from the Continental Club and less than a mile to Antone’s, La Zona Rosa, Austin Music Hall and Saxon Pub.

Reserve the new rooms. One’s from the original hotel are small.

Visit SXSW, but you don’t have to break the bank. You can forgo the film and interactive festivals and just buy a music badge for a few hundred dollars.

Rather than several different clubs every night, consider one or two well chosen clubs each night.

Claim your space early for the entire night. This adds much needed sanity to your experience.

After the shows I recommend Sam’s BBQ or Kerbey Lane. For good late night fast Mexican food, Taco Cabana stays open all night, is cheap and can hit the spot. Another low cost all nighter is Jim’s Restaurant. A big upgrade over I-Hop or Denny’s in my opinion.

And if your staying at the Austin Motel, you don’t have to pull the car out of the lot to take advantage of Austin’s most trendy and unique shops on South Congress. Known as the SoCo district.

Party, stay up late, sleep late, eat, relax, go for a swim, shop, eat, go to a club or two, eat, stay up late, sleep late, etc.

A pool at the hotel makes relaxing easy. That’s how I learned to enjoy SXSW. It’s the very best of the Texas music scene. But you can’t see and do it all without mindless insanity.

Austin Film


Paramount Theatre downtown.
The Austin film festival arm of SXSW is nothing to sneeze at in its own right. It’s not the biggest, baddest film festival in the world like SXSW is for music.

That’s a good thing in my opinion. The Austin film festival is manageable.

You can attend all functions of the SXSW music/film/interactive festivals with a platinum badge.

The South by Southwest Austin film festival includes panels, workshops and mentoring sessions. Hundreds of films are presented at participating venues across the city. Try to catch a film at the Alamo Draft House on S. Lamar and the Paramount Theatre. The Dobie Mall facility is a winner as well.

The film festival can’t compare with the music festival. Austin is the only city in the world that can offer such a musical extravaganza. Austin transforms itself into a gigantic music theme park. People and musicians come from all over the globe to participate in SXSW.

For good reason. It’s musical mecca. Every music fan must attend at least one SXSW in their lifetime.

A rare experience. Dramatic off the meter. Full tilt exhausting excitement. Being young helps.


Austin Music Festivals

Austin City Limits Music Festival :: Old Settler’s Music Festival
Republic of Texas Biker Rally :: SXSW Music, Film & Interactive


How To Know If He Is The One For You To Call Boyfriend

Dont get too frustrated asking yourself, Is he the one? Follow these simple guidelines to figure out once and for all if he is the one for you.

Does he care about me?

When asking yourself, is he the guy for me?, the single most important factor that you need to look out for is whether or not he cares about you. What are some of the factors that indicate he cares about you?

->He walks you home to make sure that you get there safely.

->He checks up on you when you are sick. Check this tutorial out by datingsidor.

->He helps out with tasks that you find difficult (eg. heavy lifting, fixing things around the house, etc.)

->He doesn’t let his friends talk crap about you.
These are just 4 examples of things that that guys can do to show that they truly care about you. Just remember that there are many more examples of caring things that guys will do for you if they really do care about you. But its not just doing these caring things that make a man the one.

Is he attractive

Going out with a caring man is great but only if he is also attractive. There are so many guys out there who will bend over backwards for you and do whatever you ask. The only problem with this is that these guys just aren’t attractive. Its like they aren’t even real men.

So you have to ask yourself, Am I attracted to this guy? Does he do things that make me hot and bothered or is he more like a dead fish? Will he flirt with me and have fun or will he just roll over like a dog? Its really important that you find a guy who is attractive and caring, because a guy who is just caring and does your every wish is plain boring.

Does he bring you into his life

Or does he keep you separate from it? Guys who are truly in love with you will want you to be apart of their lives. They’ll want to show you all the cool things they do, they’ll want their friends to meet you and they’ll want to show you off whenever they can.

Guys who aren’t crazy in love with you will try and keep you from being a serious part of their lives. They wont want you to meet their friends and families and they wont want to show you off.

Remember that there are three main things that you need to ask yourself when deciding is he the one. They are:

Does he care about me?

Is he attractive – Am I attracted to this guy?

Does he bring you into his life?

If you can answer yes to all these questions then you can be pretty confident that he is the one for you.

Just one last thing. Remember that he is probably wondering the same thing about you, is she the one?

Cultural Festivals

There are several bizarre festivals that fall under the category of cultural festivals. One perfect example of a bizarre cultural festival is the Monkey Buffet in Thailand during which Macaca Monkeys or Macaques are served more than 2000 kilograms of different fruity treats. Then there is the La Tomatina in Spain where tons of tomatoes are tugged on the street.

Sports Festivals

There are also some big surprises in the category of sports festivals and these include the bottomless boat competitions in water-free regatta at Henley-on-Todd in Australia; the dirty mud dancing at Boreyeong Mud Fest and the racing dromedaries Down Under at Camel Cup. There are some of the most bizarre and quirkiest madcap celebrations across the world that could actually fill books and therefore the most popular categories have been detailed here.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are popular throughout the world with DJs and bands playing the favorite music of the people amidst explosions of sound and light on massive stages. There are no basic themes for such festivals and they are arranged and conducted at almost any venue.


There are different varieties of modern festivals celebrated throughout the world. Therefore, if you are on the lookout of attending festivals then you must make a good choice that suits your taste.